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National Secretary General Foh Entreats All To Register... As APC Proves To Be A Government of Infrastructure, Implementation and of Action



National Secretary General Foh Entreats All To Register... As APC Proves To Be A Government of Infrastructure, Implementation and of Action

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National Secretary General of the APC Comrade Victor Bockarie Foh has in an exclusive interview with We Yone extol the virtues of the Biometric Voter Registration system and appeals to all eligible persons to register to be able to vote for President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and the APC in the November 17th presidential and general elections.
Comrade Victor Bockarie Foh told We Yone the APC is very proud of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma who is National Chairman/Leader of the APC and the 2012 presidential flag-bearer and that members of the APC are walking the streets with their heads high-up because of the monumental achievements the APC government has recorded since President Koroma was first elected President of the Republic of Sierra Leone in 2007.


He said the APC is going to the 2012 November elections on a clean slate showcasing the progress made in the last five years within the energy, agriculture, roads infrastructure, and the health and education sectors as political bargaining chips which endorse President Koroma for a second term in office.
Comrade Victor Bockarie Foh further told We Yone the APC government of President Koroma is one of visible achievements and a government that puts greater emphasis on programmes for the common man and woman bearing in mind a sense of urgency, self confidence and fair distribution of services to every region, district and town. 
The APC scribe says he is confident the people of this country can measure the level of progress made so far and also understand the difference between now and before President Koroma was first elected in 2007.
He enumerated the many pro-growth development initiatives of the current administration stating there is enough justification in admonishing the electorates to vote for President Koroma in the November presidential elections.
National Secretary General Foh catalogued the construction of Agricultural Business Centres in the 149 chiefdoms in the country, the smallholders commercialization programme, construction of feeder roads in agricultural communities and increased budgetary allocation to the sector as evidence of the political will ingrained in President Koroma and his government to address the issue of poverty and socio economic recovery after long years of stagnation and political deprivation. He further highlighted the free health care initiative for pregnant women, lactating mothers and children under-five describing the initiative as laudable and pro-growth. Comrade Victor Foh said while there are saboteurs striving the undermine the free health care scheme the resolve and political will of President Koroma and his government to provide succour for the vulnerable sector of the population in having access to basic primary health care has ensured the continuity of the scheme and for which the people are very grateful and will vote President Koroma for a second-term in office.
He recalled that in his presidential address at the last State Opening of Parliament, President Koroma rightfully told MPs and the citizenry of this country that from the towering hill where our Honourable House stands, to the streets of Bo, Kenema, Makeni, and Koidu, the signs of APC’s much talked-about infrastructural transformation are very visible.
“President Koroma did said ‘from the completion of Bumbuna to the building of medical stores in all districts, our commitment to implementation is evident; from our support to the smallholder farmer to our provision of free health care for mothers, pregnant women and children under five, our dedication to action for the common man and woman is manifest. From our independent funding of the widening of road projects at Wilkinson Road and Spur Road, to our commitment to shoulder the greater costs of our elections; from our increased budgetary allocations to local councils irrespective of which political party controls them, to our construction of roads in many towns regardless of which party stronghold they are located; our increasing self confidence and fair distribution of services to the ordinary citizens of our country is very noticeable,’” Victor Foh recalled pointing out that President Koroma’s victory in the November 17th elections is a foregone victory for the APC.
He said the APC has proved itself to be a government of infrastructure; a government of implementation; and a government of action.
“The red Monkey is at work ... let the green Baboon wait,” Comrade Foh joked hilariously, explaining the joke to mean that while the APC is at work the SLPP should be advised to wait. This, he said, can only be done when the people vote against them in the November elections.
Comrade Foh further in the exclusive interview called on members of the APC to work assiduously in educating people on the need to register during the biometric voter registration exercise which begins later this month on January 23rd and ends on March 26th 2012.
He appealed to the various organizing secretaries, youth and women’s leaders to work concertedly in encouraging people to register and to remain vigilant in ensuring non-eligible persons are prevented from registering in their localities.



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