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Sierra Leone is a Republic with a parliamentary Governing system. The President is elected democratically. The Major Political parties in the country are: The Sierra Leone People's Party (SLPP), All People's Congress (APC), Peace and Liberation Party (PLP), and People's Movement for Democratic Change (PMDC). The last democratic election in 2007 was won by the 'All People's Congress (APC)'.

Ernest Bai Koroma

Sahr Sam-Sumana

Zainab Hawa Bangura
Minister of Foreign Affairs

David Carew
Minister of Finance and Development

Paolo Conteh
Minister of Defence

Abdul Serry-Kemal
Minister of Justice and Attorney-General

Alimamy Koroma
Minister of Trade and Industry

Haja Afsatu Kabbah
Minister of Energy and Power

Alhaji I.B. Kargbo
Minister of Information and Communications

Dr. Soccoh Kabia
Minister of Health

John Saab
Minister of Housing and Infrastructural Development

Dauda Sulaiman Kamara
Minister of Internal Affairs, Local Gov. & Rural Development

Alhaji Abubakarr Jalloh
Minister of Mineral Resources

Dr. Sam Sesay
Minister of Agriculture

Benjamin O.N. Davies
Minister of Lands, Country Planning &  Environment

Dr. Moses Moisa-Kapu
Minister of Marine Resources

Musu Kandeh
Minister of Social Welfare Gender & Children's Affairs

Hindolo Trye
Minister of Tourism and Cultural Affairs

Minkailu Mansaray
Minister of Employment and Social Security

Dr. Minkailu Bah
Minister of Education, Youths and Sports

Kemoh Sesay
Minister of Transport and Aviation

Alpha Kanu
Minister of Presidential and Public Affairs

[Cabinet Ministers were appointed in October 2007]


…Back To Kailahun and The Irony of The Legendary Court ‘Barray’

Sierra Leoneans would recall the electoral malpractice that was perpetrated by then ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) in Kailahun Court ‘Barray’ during the 2007 Presidential run-off election which warranted the National Electoral Commission (NEC) to cancel the results in addition to other places where vote rigging was proved beyond all reasonable doubt.

With this in mind, when I was called upon by the organizers of a recent programme facilitated by the President Koroma APC-led government through Paramount Chief Al-Amin Kanneh of Baoma Koya chiefdom and Ahmed Sesay –Secretary General of ECOPOD to provide levels of assistance to surviving families of late victims killed in a gruesome road accident along the Kenema-Kailahun road, I was eager to accompany them so as to gauge the changing political dynamics. Read more... Link  


Brining Kono into Sierra Leone’s Political Center Stage

The 2007 Presidential and Parliamentary elections witnessed a dramatic twist in Sierra Leone political set-up with the removal from power of a ruling party by an opposition party. Berewa’s chances of winning those elections were slim, taking into account the manner in which he was catapulted into the SLP leadership in Makeni.

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When issues of racism, nepotism or tribalism are unveiled in a public forum, it is a serious and grave cause for concern. The requirements of peaceful co-existence mandate that we should find strength in our diversity and that our communities must benefit from the variety of inputs and the myriad of backgrounds and socializations that imbues that diversity. However, a diverse and culturally self-assured organization does not happen by chance. It is the result of a willful effort by its membership to create a conducive environment so that their engagements at all levels combine to build that atmosphere of equality, openness and transparency. Such an open and fluid interaction amongst people of different backgrounds augurs well for the process of change and dynamism which makes for organically growing organizations.

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Damning UDM Leader’s Finger Pointing

We Yone was actually absent at the press briefing organized by the UDM at which the National Chairman Mohamed Bangura opined We Yone has started campaigning ahead of the 2012 elections in contravention of established statutes.

Nevertheless, reports of the press briefing in some local newspapers past Friday imply the UDM leader wrongfully castigated We Yone.

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