Not Selective Justice!“SLPP Should Become Aware That Gravity of Offence Is Overriding”-Legal Luminary Explains

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In light of the ongoing gimmicks by SLPP stalwarts including the National Secretary General, Sulaiman Banja Tejan-Sie, alleging the APC government is practicing ‘selective justice’, as could be adduced from reports filed-in by BBC Stringer (Umaru Fofana), regarding the announcement of the imminent prosecution of 40 suspects for their involvement in acts of violence in Kono and even arson offences in Bo, a Legal Luminary We Yone interviewed has reechoed “SLPP should become aware that both motive and gravity of offence is overriding”.

Speaking on condition of anonymity, the legal luminary disclosed the comparism the opposition SLPP is making between past spontaneous political skirmishes in Freetown and those premeditated acts of violence, arson and blood letting in Bo is not justifiable.

“In past political skirmishes no building was torched,” the legal luminary stated, adding the Bo incident is very grave and has wide-ranging impact on the psychology of compatriots. “Once the suspects who are reliably learnt to cut across MP, party functionaries and hoodlums are brought to court, the nation would be shocked by the degree of barbarity of the perpetrators,” the legal luminary stated, pointing out there is certainty the perpetrators including an MP who would be prosecuted with concrete evidence of having directed in person and even partook in acts of arson, wounding, etc,” the legal luminary stated.

The erudite lawyer further explained the fact that suspects have been identified for prosecution in Kono – a stronghold of APC clearly rubbishes SLPP’s allegation of APC practicing selective justice. “The SLPP’s ranting that Mayor Herbert George-Williams of FCC, Musa Tarawally (then Resident Minister South now Internal Affairs Minister), Idrissa Kamara (LeatherBoot) and OSD ‘Yete Yete” in Bo should be sacked as ‘suggested’ by Shears-Moses investigation panel is absurb,” the legal luminary noted, stressing there is no prima facie evidence to substantiate these officials were seen in person at scenes of political skirmishes directing the course of the violence.

“But the Bo incident witnessed high profile SLPP stalwarts physically directing, leading and participating in high felonious crimes like arsons, wounding with intent and public nuisance,” the legal luminary intimated, while maintaining though conspiracy to commit crimes is actionable, yet the real perpetrators in the scene of crime bear the greatest brunt.

The legal luminary stated the APC government of President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma should remain steadfast, firm and resolute to ensure suspects who will be charged to court for the Kono and Bo incidents are dealt with without fear or favour.

“Allowing these bad elements to go off the hook as being indirectly hinted by the SLPP would be a slap on the face of government,” the legal luminary noted, pointing out those to be charged may involve supporters of political parties across the divide who has foolhardily taken political violence as their stock in trade.

The legal luminary called on the judiciary through We Yone to ensure the accused  persons who will soon appear in court are allow to go through the due process of the law.

“In this regard, it would be in the interest of justice and fair play for lawyers to be provided by the State for accused persons who may not have the financial wherewithal to hire the services of lawyers,” the legal luminary explained, adding the accused persons should be assisted to make appeals in case of conviction.

“This is necessary to prove to all and sundry especially SLPP propagandists that  the supposed accused persons are not in conflict with the APC as a government but they are in conflict with the laws of the State,” the legal luminary noted, while lambasting SLPP propagandists even the National Secretary General of playing cheaply on the intelligence of citizens.

“They are naïve if not a sign of irresponsibility for these politicians comparing minor issues with matters of grave concern,” the legal luminary stated, concluding by restating the motive and gravity of offence is the overriding factor in law.

Speaking also to We Yone from Bo last evening, Resident Minister Moijueh Kai-Kai said it could be logically concluded the Bo incidents of violence and arson was premeditated by the SLPP in retaliation for the alleged attack on their offices several years ago.

His view remains the perception of many other citizens who spoke to We Yone from across the country. Marion Williams, a regular reader of newspapers, told We Yone pro-SLPP newspapers, who hitherto the Bo incident were oblivious of the Shears-Moses report, have been using contents of the ‘draft’ copy to justify SLPP’s callousness and penchant for political violence as a political option.

“These pro-SLPP newspapers including the BBC stringer said nothing about the Shears-Moses report even in the immediate aftermath of the Kono incident until the SLPP decided to take the law into its own hands,” she pointed out, insisting further that two wrongs does make one right.

John Koroma is of the conviction talk about the Shears-Moses report became public concern after the publisher of Awareness Times first mooted it in her first reaction to the incidents violence and arson in Bo.

“The Awareness Times publisher has unreservedly made it clear that what is been published in pro-SLPP tabloids is a draft copy and not worth public countenance”, he said.

An SLPP insider told We Yone on condition of anonymity the rank and file of the opposition are extremely worried by the no-nonsense stance of the government in bringing perpetrators of the Kono and Bo incidents to book and that this has further widen the gap between pro-Bio party stalwarts and those who remain opposed to his ‘selection’ as their 2012 presidential flag-bearer.


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