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“Outcome of Tripartite Committee will salvage democracy” Deputy National Chairman

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By Saran Kabba (We Yone Parliamentary and Gender Reporter)

His name is Ambassador Dr. Alhaji Osman Foday Yansaneh.  He made a statement at a maiden conference organized by the parliamentary caucus of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party hosted by the National Secretariat of the APC, on its 11A Old Railway Line We Yone House in Freetown.

Deputy National Chairman, who addressed the press conference in place of the National Chairman, decried the fact that, the regime (the controversial Bio-led administration) are so distracted to a point of failing  to salvage the economic situation created them few years into steering the mantle of leadership of the country.

Alhaji Yansaneh described the recent comment of President Julius Maada Bio about “bullet for bullet” as unfortunate, saying the people of Sierra Leone do not need bullet to address their socio-economic, political, and cultural developments.

O.F Yansaneh believes the APC is an alternative government in full readiness to assume the mantle of leadership of the country.

He urged Sierra Leoneans to disregard the comment of President Bio, reaffirming the outcome of the tripartite committee arrangement will salvage the declining democratic credentials of Sierra Leone.

He said people should not be bothered about those downplaying the work of the tripartite committee, insisting the tripartite is a collective arrangement to salvage the country from chaos.

“Nobody can downplay such important initiative to sustain peace in the country,” he added, saying all should be aware of the current predicaments the country is facing and that it’s unfortunate, the regime, instead of focusing on addressing the needs of the people are focusing on clinging on to power by all means.

Ambassador Yansaneh said times have changed, noting democracy is a bitter pill which all must swallow for the peace, harmony, democracy and development of Sierra Leone.

He noted the Julius Maada Bio led-administration since 2018 has been very undemocratic starting for the denial of the elected representatives, removing Ten (10) members of parliament, in a bid to install a controversial speaker in the person of Dr. Abass Bundu.

He also pointed at a number of atrocities being committed on a daily basis by the regime.

He said Sierra Leone should be looking forward to borrow a leaf from the former president of the United States, President Barrack Obama, to build strong institutions which work, rather not strongmen who believe in brute force.

He said despite the reluctance of the SLPP regime, there are several issues with regard to the conduct of elections management bodies (EMBs).

Dr. Yansaneh asserted that nearly all state institutions have been compromised by the regime.  He said the APC is sure of his stance that the current  Chief electoral Commissioner and Chairman Electoral of the Electoral Commission (ECSL), Mohamed Kenewui Konneh and his commissioners have proved beyond every doubt that they are just a mere operatives of the embattled president Julius Maada Bio.

Aside ECSL, Dr. Yansaneh, pointed out that other EMBs have all been bought over. This sad reality, he fumed, is a recipe for chaos in the country.

Dr. Yansaneh elaborated on internal party developments, saying the blanket re-admission of defaulted members, is a clear demonstration of the party’s commitment to bring all onboard to make a difference.

He said the APC is not averse to democracy.

“We must understand the position we are in. We can assure our people that there will be no chaos after the release of the recommendations of the tripartite committee. The APC Deputy Chairman is of the firm opinion that the SLPP has never won the majority in the country. “All undemocratic systems were initiated by the SLPP,” Dr. OF Yansaneh said, adding the APC has always followed due process.

 “The APC is an alternative government. We are prepared to be responsible in our reaction to national issues,” said the Deputy APC Chairman, confirming several concerns has been raised in every quarter of the country with regards to the recommendations of the tripartite committee and or weather the Bio administration will respect its outcome.

He added: “We are all aware why the tripartite came into being,”” he said, adding the tripartite committee in taking corrective measures to address any risk to democracy in Sierra Leone. He said the APC stands in solidarity with the people of Sierra Leone.

O.F. Yansaneh: Deputy National Chairman

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