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Jagaban thrills Germany with ‘Unity message’

by Gunther
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By Abdul Bun-Kadrie

Popular philanthropist and politician of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party, has been consistent in propagating unity within the APC [which is an alternative government] in Sierra Leone.

This time around,   Mohamed Omodu Kamara, widely known as ‘Jagaban’ has taken unity and peace message in Germany, where he graced the Hessen Nordrhein-Westfalen chapter fundraising event.

The event turned out to be a very spectacular success, marked by the grand welcome of Jagaban.

Attendees gathered around him, dancing as they escorted him to the high table, setting the tone for an evening of unity and celebration.

Making a statement at the event, the District and Chapter Executives of Germany recognized Mr. Kamara for honoring their invitation, noting in appreciation the philanthropic activities of Jagaban, which they maintained is not only a blessing to the APC but also the country as a whole.

Amid a thunderous applaud; former information attaché to Germany, Umaru Jah couldn’t mice his words to introduce Jagaban, whom he noted, is well known for his great work in support of Sierra Leoneans home and abroad.

Mr. Kamara’s speech resonated deeply with attendees.

 He began by expressing gratitude to the APC Germany team for inviting him to the event, acknowledging the efforts of every party members and Sierra Leoneans for their resilience in the midst of difficulties being face by countrymen back home.

He then focused on themes of peace and unity, emphasizing that internal conflict within the APC is self-inflicted, rather than caused by external opposition.

He called for solidarity and mutual support, asserting that only the APC can resolve the issues facing Sierra Leone.

Highlighting the critical role of the diaspora, Mr. Kamara urged them to lead the journey, in ensuring the APC return to power.

He spoke about the importance of leadership and the transmission of principles, citing examples from religious figures like Jesus and Prophet Mohamed.

His message was clear: unity and perseverance, he emphasized are essential.

Mr. Kamara reiterated that the Jagaban family is an integral part of the APC party, underscoring the importance of solidarity within the party.

 “We are all one family; there is no separation,” he maintained.

In a moment of symbolic unity, Mr. Kamara invited Madam Cassandra, the diaspora women leader, and Madam Famata Bonika to join him on stage.

In a generous and impactful gesture, Mr. Kamara donated $10,000 to the fundraising event, championing the motto “one Germany, one APC.”

He emphasized the unity of all APCians, ” insie APC we all na wan fambul”.

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