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“300 valid votes on average per polling station exhibits significant voter irregularities and electoral malpractices…”

by Gunther
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Team APC Inquires, Suggests Fresh Elections to Right the Wrongs

By Gunther AB Daramy and Abu Bakarr Dumbuya

“300 valid votes on average per polling station exhibit significant voter irregularities and electoral malpractices…,” the APC inquires, noting in a letter that the fictitious tabulation of the elections potentially influenced the outcome of the June 2023 multitier.

 The embattled regime leader, Julius Maada Bio continues to face a legitimacy crisis as he has hurriedly twisted his tongue from “bullet for bullet’’ to say he cannot shed a single blood to stay at State House.

It’s clear from your announced results that, in eight districts, the average valid vote per station reported exceeded the 300 voter threshold per polling station as shown in a recent document the APC made public.

 The APC Party pointed out that ECSL failed to evoke Section 84(1) of the Public Elections Act of 2022.

This section dictates “Where the votes cast at an election at a polling station exceed the number of registered voters in a polling station, the result of the election for that polling station shall be declared null and void by the Electoral Commission.”

The APC again insisted polling stations in the districts of Kailahun, Kenema, Bombali, Karene, Port Loko, Bo, Bonthe, and Pujehun, where the number of valid votes cast exceeded the number of registered voters, must have their results declared null and void, and fresh elections held in those districts.

Ahead of the release of the tripartite committee report, the APC has strangely suspended its participation in the committee following a stalemate—the refusal of ECSL to publish the June 2023 elections as per RRFs which have proven serious inconsistency.

Many people have been very lukewarm with the outcome of the tripartite committee, the suspension of the APC, among other things that Sierra Leoneans are more than determined for the reign of Julius Maada Bio to end since it has rendered Sierra Leone a failed state.

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