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A case against Sierra Leone’s Anti-corruption Commissioner, Francis Ben Kaifala, Esq.

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By Dr John Idriss Lahai

Sometime in 2021 (after the award of the suspected PhD degree to the Inspector-General of Police, Mr. Ambrose Sovula ) I brought the issue of the African Graduate University (AGU) to the attention of the ACC boss. My brothers and sisters (comrades all) of the Renaissance Movement-Sierra Leone (RMSL) can bear witness to this fact. It was in our RMSL WhatsApp group that I presented my findings to the ACC boss. I intimated that the PhD degree that was conferred on the Police Boss was fake. I went at length to explain my findings (backed by documentary evidence) that this African Graduate University was a criminal syndicate; that it was not an authentic educational institution.

Unfortunately, the ACC boss Francis Ben Francis Ben Kaifala dismissed me with an unusual sense of pomposity and arrogance — shrouded by that talk of “don’t try to dictate my work for me”! That conversation did not end well. As we say in Krio, “me sef blast for de man; ar cuss am man cuss.” And I regretted nothing, although we reconciled; and to date, we remain brothers! That was the end! Or is it? In the main, the ACC boss took no concrete steps to investigate my claims!

Since 2021, I have been trying to bring to his attention that within the crop of presidential appointees (ministers, directors, and other top public servants) some are holders of fake university degrees. Don’t ask me to repeat: I already stated and I swear. I have nothing to gain to lie about what I am saying here. Our comrades of the Renaissance Movement can attest to this claim that the ACC boss dismissed me with an unusual sense of pomposity and arrogance.

Unfortunately, since I left the Renaissance Movement in 2021 for their inaction on sensitive issues of national importance, I am unable to access the RMSL WhatsApp group to bring out the evidence!