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Alhaji Alpha Kanu: King Of Political Cross-carpeting

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    Former Minister, top adviser and Ambassador at-Large to former President Koroma under the APC regime, has lately been named as the President’s spokesman. The paradox is that the individual in issue, generally known as Alhaji Alpha Kanu, was formerly a vocal opponent of the incumbent president and was frequently seen condemning the man he now works for and other high-ranking members of the SLPP as “liars and thieves.” This is why most Sierra Leoneans thought his nomination as Presidential Spokesperson was strange, considering he is generally known as Former President Koroma’s right hand man and President Bio’s adversary.

      Since the now-SLPP administration took office in 2018, some APC members have switched allegiance to the SLPP. Former Vice President Victor Bockarie Foh was the first to distance himself from the APC, followed by others who served in prominent positions during the prior administration, notably Alpha Kan. It is worth noting that these persons appear to most Sierra Leoneans to have profited the most in both of Former President’s stints in office.

     In any case, political cross-carpeting is nothing new to Sierra Leoneans. Alpha Kanu, who idolized EBK, would spend hours crafting a glorified portrait of his former employer, according to Cocorioko. Nonetheless, he appears to be doing the same thing with President Bio, which resulted in his first appointment as Minister under the SLPP rule. In a recent interview, when asked “what he makes of his recent nomination as the Presidential spokesperson,” he responded that he feels “President Bio has been observing him” while he worked in numerous roles under the Koroma-led APC administration. He continued by stating that his new nomination is a result of his strenuous work while serving under the previous government.

     The actions of Alpha Kanu, Victor Bockrie Foh, and others who served in numerous posts during the APC rule demonstrate that not everyone around you can be trusted, which President Koroma has certainly learnt the hard way. This goes a long way towards demonstrating the need of being cautious about whom one trusts, particularly when it comes to politics.  Alpha Kanu once again showcases his greed, selfishness, as well as his inability to offer help to those in need. Because of his greed, he has been unable to render any sort of development to his home town throughout the years he spent as a government official.

     Some may wonder, “Why did Alpha Kanu align himself with the SLPP when he is still a registered member of the APC?” According to insiders, his decision was motivated by resentment and vendetta because he was not given the Presidential ticket to represent the APC Party in the 2018 general elections for the highest office in the land. We are all aware that Alpha Kanu is not the only one who has abandoned the APC owing to personal resentments against APC party structure. Unlike them, he chooses to carry out his spiteful deeds against the APC in a rather visible manner. Want to know the crazy bit about this whole story?  He claims to still be a fully paid up and registered member of the APC (The main opposition party) regardless of the fact that he is now the spokesperson of the incumbent President. He claims to still be a fully paid up and registered member of the APC (The main opposition party) regardless of the fact that he is now the spokesperson of the incumbent President. Sickening, right?  This is Sierra Leone for you!