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APC Needs to Reconcile More Than Ever…

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The clock is ticking to 2023 elections. And with all signals indicating that APC stands the greatest chance to defeat the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party (SLPP) with a failed Leader/President in the person of Falstaffian Brigadier Julius Maada Bio, the time for APC to reconcile all its rank and file under one umbrella is now than ever.

This paper as the official news organ of APC keeps reminding the hierarchy of our beloved party that fighting an incumbent party should not be taken as a child’s play. To start with, the party should have the muscle, nerve, unity and tenacity of purpose to go into the elections full blown. Anything less than this, may not augur well for the stated objectives of the party. Since 2018 to date, the APC has been embroiled in spates of ultra-party disputes and court litigations, which to all intents and purposes, are not auguring well if not urgently addressed. Granted, APC has won good number of bye-elections in its strongholds. However, the party seems to be faltering in the South east, especially in Kono district.

The latest bye-election result in Kono should serve as a wake-up call for APC stalwarts to do a rethink on the political dynamics in that district. The bottom-line is, Kono is the swing district as far as Sierra Leone’s presidential election is concern.

We are suggesting for the hierarchy to embark on fence mending and bridge building in a bid to bring all stalwarts and members of the party together, forget about past utterances because as the saying goes, “there is no permanent friends or enemies in politics but permanent interest.” And, the permanent interest of APC is to mobilize and galvanize support for a resounding APC’s victory in 2023. Therefore, reconciliation is a key requirement in APC now than ever before.