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In a huge diplomatic blow to the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP), and to the country, as well as compromised institutions like the Millennium Challenge Corporation (MCC) , PRESIDENT MAADA BIO HAS SUFFERED A MAJOR SNUB BY U.S. PRESIDENT JOE BIDEN AND THE UNITED STATES GOVERNMENT.

President Maada Bio has not and will not be invited to the World Leaders Democracy Summit to be held by President Joe Biden on December 9 -10.

A U.S State Department official told Cocorioko International Newspaper that President Bio will not be invited to the Summit but he did not elaborate or give reasons. Yet, the reasons that President Bio was not invited are clear to his countrymen and women and people all over the world following up events in Sierra Leone —-His human rights and democratic records are very horrendous and disgraceful and he does not qualify to participate in such a summit that is meant to bolster democracy around the world.

Neighboring Guinea was also not invited but Liberia, despite failing the MCC scorecard, was invited, bringing to question whether President Biden respects the MCC ‘s opinions.

The official gave Cocorioko the list of all the countries that will participate in one of the biggest virtual world summits ever. The summit will foster good relations between the U.S and countries helping to promote democracy in the world. Sierra Leone, under President Bio, is not one of these countries , unfortunately .

According to ABC News, “With democracy in recession around the world, President Joe Biden made a campaign pledge to convene a summit of democracies in his first year in office to promote human rights, counter corruption and discuss ways to strengthen democracies against authoritarian models that have gained strength in recent years.”

The White House, in a press statement said: “President Biden is pleased to announce that in December he will bring together leaders from a diverse group of the world’s democracies at a virtual Summit for Democracy, to be followed in roughly a year’s time by a second, in-person Summit. The virtual Summit, to take place on December 9 and 10, will galvanize commitments and initiatives across three principal themes: defending against authoritarianism, fighting corruption, and promoting respect for human rights. “

The White House further said that “Following a year of consultation, coordination, and action, President Biden will then invite world leaders to gather once more to showcase progress made against their commitments. Both Summits will bring together heads of state, civil society, philanthropy, and the private sector, serving as an opportunity for world leaders to listen to one another and to their citizens, share successes, drive international collaboration, and speak honestly about the challenges facing democracy so as to collectively strengthen the foundation for democratic renewal.”

One wonders how President Bio’s many paid sycophants on social media will defend this massive snub but speaking to COCORIOKO, Joseph KOROMA, a social media activist said “ It is because they do not have shame that is why they will try to defend this glaring snub by the United States, which shows that the world has a very dim view of President Bio’s democratic and human rights credentials . This is indefensible “ .

Calls made to spokesmen of President Bio and the SLPP for their own version of the snub were not returned.

We will bring you more details in subsequent articles.