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Bio Government Left Citizens with Reckless Abandon

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We Yone notes the deteriorating situation of Sierra Leone’s socio-economic trends, is equal to the lack of vision of His Excellency President Julius Maada Bio-led Government,  to respond to, the wishes and aspirations of the people. We Yone points out, the sad reality is, President Julius Maada Bio has been traversing the world, all in the name of seeking for investors and so-called rebranding the image of the country, but then, the reality on the ground shows our President has not only been rejected out there, but shows his inability to convince donors, who cannot invest in a country, where there is no political stability, no economic viability and above all, high level of corruption from members of the current government-in addition to selective justice targeting only members of the opposition.

  We Yone is baffled, in the midst of hike in prices of basic commodities, scarcity of petroleum products, strike from well-meaning Sierra Leoneans across the country, the Ministry of Finance and other relevant bodies superintending the economy of the State have kept seal lips, instead unveiling President Julius Maada Bio as Presidential Candidate of the SLPP, for the upcoming 2023 General Elections. While so many people are grappling with scarcity of fuel; children unable to go to school because of transportation, the president and his wife including some SLPP supporters were jollying at the Bintumani Conference centre. We Yone in the affirmative will restate the President, who has few months left to deliver on his social contract with the people of Sierra Leone, seems to be unaware or disinterested about the sufferings of people who now always go to bed hungry. We Yone is wary of  the facts that small businesses are closing down because of unpopular tax policies; members of the tourism industry have hinted that they will soon go out of business because they are having difficulties in their petroleum supplies. Such display of neglects speaks volumes of how the central government is taking the people of Sierra Leone for granted. Hence, the Bio Government has left citizens with reckless abandon.