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‘Categorical and Unambiguous’ Statement on APC & National Politics…..Ernest Bai Koroma to Break Silence

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Chairman of the All Peoples Congress, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, has demonstrated undoubted penchant for peace and democracy in Sierra Leone. The former president, who served Sierra Leone from 2007 to 2018, is enjoying ceaseless recognition locally and at the global stage, for being part of the deepening of democracy in Africa and the world at large. 

Demonstrating his proclivity for the sustainability of peace and harmony in Sierra Leone, the APC Chairman, who was outgoing president in 2018, handed over power peacefully to his successor, (President Julius Maada Bio), despite controversies hanging over the credibility of that election. After a peaceful transition in 2018, the APC under the leadership of President Koroma continues to exercise restraints, leading by example to control the myriads of APC supporters amid the devastating behaviours of the Bio-led administration.

Several APC supporters have been killed; others have been jailed, humiliated and destabilised. Koroma has endured so much provocation from the ruling government with a calumny of attacks to taint the image of the elderly statesman, but he rose above the fray. Many people have expressed concern over the manner in which once loyal supporters of the former president are openly expressing disdain for Koroma. President Koroma, amid these difficulties, continues to carry on with his life. Ernest Bai Koroma’s ability to stomach challenges is second to none, a political commentator told We Yone.  Sierra Leone’s former president continues to enjoy huge popularity among countrymen and many still consider him a great leader for his transformative, inclusive and result-oriented leadership. He has not only been a great father of peace and democracy in Sierra Leone, he has also exported these fine virtues to the global stage.