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THE DIGITAL HOME Of The All Peoples’ Congress ( APC ) Party…..Nothing More; Nothing Less!

WEYONEPRESS.COM is the Official Website of the MIGHTY All Peoples’ Congress ( APC ) Party. Because WEYONEPRESS.COM is under the supervision of the National Publicity Secretariat of the Party, our goals and objectives are reflective of the National Publicity Secretariat’s. So in essence, we aim to bring everything APC right to your doorstep wherever in the world you may reside. As part of our efforts to combat misinformation, we provide exclusive, authentic & credible information about our party and its activities, Sierra Leone and the world at large.

We intend to provide complete and utter control over access to credible information. Especially at this point in time where it has become almost rocket science for one to decipher the difference between propaganda & fake news from reality. WEYONEPRESS.COM is that one place where you are given access to everything in relation to the APC Party. From knowing the history of the APC to the Leadership of the party. We give you access to various Press Releases of the party, party news and so much more.

With so much free information available online these days, it’s easy to become distracted by the plethora of false information that is polluting the Internet. Nowadays, most media platforms are designed specifically to share and spread low-quality, false information. That is why it is considered by many that the establishment of the official Website of the All Peoples’ Congress ( APC ) Party is key in the fight against False News & misinformation.

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