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Hon. Lihadi Alhadi Donates to Education Sector

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By Sarran Kabba

APC Member of Parliament for Constituency 122 in the East end of Freetown, Honourable Lihadi Alhadi on Wednesday 8th December 2021 donated 50 bags of cement and a huge truck of sand on behalf of his family to the UMC School Ginger Hall in his constituency as a demonstration of his commitment in boosting the education sector. Making a statement before presenting the items, Hon. Lihadi stated that he is responding to a letter sent to him by the school for assistance.

He added that as a Member of Parliament for that constituency, he has a responsibility to care for his people, while donating 50 bags of cement and a huge truck of sand for the pavement of the school compound. He also pledged another 50 bags of cement to the school that will be provided in due course. Hon. Lihadi highlighted the deplorable state of the school compound as it is not conducive and healthy for the kids and the teachers.

He thanked the pupils for their welcome song and admonished them to be steadfast in their education as learning is better than silver and gold. He said that he has passion for education and that he will continue to support the school and any pupil that wish to pursue higher education. He added, “I already have a lot of students from various universities that I’m paying fees for and also assisting number of pupils with books, bags and uniforms.”

He stated that this is not the first time that he has been responding to the needs of his constituents, citing his assistance during fire and flooding disasters as well as other pressing challenges. He said that “I have being with my people during fire disaster, flooding and other difficult challenges faced in the Constituency.

Also making a statement was Comrade Ali Conteh, constituency chairman who is also former Councilor, recalling his own level of contribution years ago through Oxfam and FCC to the school. He noted APC believes in human capital development. Receiving the donation, the Headteacher Mrs. Sheila Tucker expressed her sincere gratitude to Hon Alhadi for his philanthropic gestures. She said, “the dusty compound is exposing the pupils and teachers to so many health hazards. If you come to this school during the peak of the dry season, you will pity us”. She promised to ensure the donated items are utilized for the intended purpose, adding the school now stands to have conducive learning environment. Honourable  Alhadi was accompanied by his wife Mrs. Fatmata Lihadi Alhadi, their son Abdul Alhadi and his constituency executive. Also in attendance was a cross section of parents of pupils and well-wishers. The Honourable Member of Parliament and entourage were earlier welcomed in the school by the pupils with a welcome song.