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Rank and file, supporters and sympathizers of the main opposition, All Peoples Congress, were taken aback, after receiving some notes of corrections, from the Political Parties Registration Commission (PPRC). These highlighted corrections therein have been considered by many as a deliberate delay to the progress of the party. Sources from the APC National Secretariat has told We Yone that the National Advisory Committee  (NAC), the second highest body of the party has met yesterday and has inserted final full-stop to further delay to Constitution of the APC.

 The people of Sierra Leone, a strong supporter of the APC told We Yone, are agog for the party to constitute its membership and prepare to contest the 2023 General Elections. “The APC doesn’t have much time. Issues including punctuations directed by the PPRC are flimsy and that these corrections should not stop the PPRC to gazette the draft constitution for it to become the binding document,’’ Mohamed Pope Kamara, Acting Deputy National Publicity Secretary said, adding the APC will not waste  no further time to prepare for the next elections. “The Unity of the Party at the material time is of utmost importance as the party’s progress cannot continue to be derailed,’’ he concluded.