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“Nothing will deter me…” Says Yayah Tunis

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By Emmanuel I. Kamara

The soft spoken and erudite spokesman of the main opposition All Peoples Congress (APC) party, Sidi Yaya Tunis has addressed a huge gathering of party stalwarts in the Southern City of Bo, reiterating that, he is APC now and forever and that, nothing will deter him. He made this statement, in his recent visit to Bo City, after he was released at the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) headquarters in Freetown. Comrade Tunis was granted an interview on Radio Democracy 98.1 FM where he frankly stated that his party (APC) will adopt ‘Level Three’ approach—a drive he emphasized will be done through legal means, in ensuring that come 2023, the APC will come back to power.

The National Publicity Secretary of APC, Sidi Yayah Tunis told his audience in Bo that the APC party is red and ready to take the governance of Sierra Leone come 2023 and assured them that the future is bright and they must be steadfast and continue to press on. He reminded party faithful that the only limitation on a person’s ability to succeed is his/her capacity to dream and cultivate the courage to set out after that dream and he believes the only dream for the APC stalwarts should be to gain power come 2023 and redeem the suffering masses from injustices, bad governance, and hardship over people are tired and feed up.