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‘’Demonizing Stalwarts by Fake News is Un-called for’’-A Party Doyen Warns!

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By Momoh K. Kanu

As the media, especially the social media has in recent weeks continue to be awashed with fake news, unfounded allegations and blackmails against key stalwarts of the APC including the impeccable reputation of Former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, a Doyen of the noble and mighty APC Party sent warning to architects to cease and desist from demeaning and demonizing people. ‘’This is un-called for,’’ the party doyen noted, pointing out APC is a big family and that in spite of human differences, there is absolutely no justification for certain so-called APC Stalwarts, especially living in the diaspora to be seen constantly and consistently disparaging high profiled individuals in the Party who have done immensely for APC and the country at large.

According to the Doyen who was speaking to We Yone on condition of anonymity, further stated, fake news bordering on the sole aim of impugning the character and reputation of senior politicians is counter-productive to the aspirations of APC ahead of 2023. ‘’This will even play into the hands of the SLPP, giving them ammunition to ‘shoot’ at APC in this crucial period of our democracy,’’ the political doyen explained.

The doyen also cited as latest example a fake report aired on social media, alleging former President Koroma who is the National Chairman/Leader of the party is on the verge of declaring his intention for a run in the 2023 presidential election. ‘’Such fake news with insults, vulgarities, lies and divisiveness is un-called for, mischievous and against the spirit of APC camaraderie and family bonds,’’ the political doyen explained, concluding by calling on the rank and file to listen to APC Secretariat, especially the National Secretary General and Acting Publicity Secretary for official and unified sources of information; also, the We Yone Newspaper, he noted, is the official news hub of the Party. Meanwhile, latest reports indicate Former President Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma has clarified the situation and he has come out unscaved from the diatribes by that so-called APC Stalwart.