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Peace and the Road to Victory!

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We Yone notes the several court cases facing the APC has been perceived by many as turmoil being initiated by the ruling SLPP.

We Yone understands the above assertion cannot be categorically overlooked given the strenuous effort the SLPP Government is making to undo gains of the APC at all levels.

We Yone observes credible international organization including  the EU have come out with damning reports questioning the credibility of institutions, which are supposed to be impartial and independent in Sierra Leone, which had not lived up to expectation. Specifically, institution like PPRC, National Electoral Commission and the Judiciary have been seen siding with the incumbent SLPP government at the disadvantaging the APC.

However, We Yone is not oblivious of the fact that, no state institution can disadvantage a united APC. A United APC is a one which can survive any trial and tribulation and win every and any election in Sierra Leone.

We Yone affirms that the best way the APC can address it challenges is when we iron any indifference indoors, imbibing the spirit of a true sportsmanship with an open mind. In any political struggle, We Yone holds the view that, only one person will emerge as victor of the various contested positions, including the presidential candidate.  For the sake of the suffering masses, We Yone is urging all aggrieved persons to swallow their grief and anger and pride to rescue our crippled economy, to save our democracy.

We Yone is calling on all Comrades to swallow our pride and unite to face the common enemy. We Yone concludes Peace is a clear roadmap to Victory.