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Politicization of Football Does Not Augur Well For National Cohesion…

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We Yone would first and foremost like to congratulate all players of our national Team- Leone Stars for their splendid performance in Cameroon inspite of the team losing to Equatorial Guinea that led to Leone Stars’ ouster in the first rounds.

We Yone will also like to console the player- Kei Kamara who kicked the penalty, though question remains whether he was supposed to have taken the kick in the first place. All the same, let leave out game blame and give the players thumbs-up!

We Yone is however disturbed over the over politicization of football by the Bio regime, creating a semblance that the team is his personal property and not a national project.

We Yone though pleased over the attention and support being given to the players, yet the bloated delegation which caused huge allocations is unjustifiable, considering the dire situation of most ministries, department and agencies (MDAs); not to talk of the bread and butter issues of the masses.

We Yone is convinced our defeat may has been accentuated by the unbridled and unprincipled desire of fanatics of the government including President Bio who had wanted to use Leone Stars as a diversionary tactics from the failures of his government and also to promote his second term bid-which he does not deserve in the national plane.

We Yone is worried over strong claims that the coach was under pressure to use certain players out of parochial and partisan considerations without any inkling of their fitness and performance.

We Yone will conclude by sending a note of caution to the Bio regime that politicization of football cannot augur well for our national cohesion.