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….Reiterating Calls for peaceful and safe transition

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We Yone is gladdened that the leadership of the erstwhile APC National Youth League, now National Young Congress, has demonstrated skills in handling complex and critical situation.

We Yone, as the official mouthpiece of the APC has been inundated with ceaseless calls from the general public to confirm the press release from the office of former president, outgoing Chairman and Leader of the APC,to take the back seat for a possible new leadership  succession in the party’s continued progressive stride. It is no gainsaying many people were apprehensive given the level of confidence they have in former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma, who over the past decade, shouldered the responsibility of the party, making the APC not only an enviable party in Sierra Leone, but the entire West Africa sub-region.

We Yone is conscious of the gaps being left behind but obviously is perturbed over the unnecessary hype.

An APC transition had always been ordained by God.

We Yone believe what must be paramount now is the bigger picture which is to remove the SLPP from power through the ballot box come 2023.

We Yone is conscious of the fact that several Sierra Leoneans are finding it very difficult to cope under a regime which had proven to be very infertile and impotent to address the socio-economic needs of the people of the country.

These failures have warranted the justification to show the SLPP the exit doors in the next elections.

Therefore, We Yone joins the young folks of the APC to encourage all to put the interest of the party above self.