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‘Team Morlai A. Kamara’ Engages Stakeholders in Fogbo

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By Moshopeh Taylor

Reports reaching We Yone state the consummate, result-oriented and grassroots’ politician, Comrade Morlai A. Kamara (the long substantive Chairman of Constituency 111) who has thrown his hat into the ring for the pending APC district convention vying for the position of Chairman of APC Western Rural district structure together with his dynamic team termed ‘Team Morlai A. Kamara’ recently engaged stakeholders in the riverine Fogbo Community of Constituency 106 of Koya Western Rural Area. Key and vibrant stakeholders including but not limited to

APC members, local authorities, youth leaders, women’s leaders and opinion leaders accorded Team Morlai A. Kamara a rousing and auspicious welcome to their community. Disclosing his intention, reports revealed, Comrade Morlai A. Kamara first and foremost traced his origin and pedigree in Fogbo and surrounding communities, revealing his fore parents originated from that part of Sierra Leone and that as a youth, he grew up in their communities.

He informed the gathering of his wide knowledge of the geography, traditions, customs and occupations of residents, while disclosing he has long made up his mind to aspire for the elective position of Chairman of APC Western Rural District in the pending convention. “My desire is to ensure we collectively as stalwarts, members, supporters and well-wishers of APC work to win the 2023 general elections,” sources quoted Comrade Morlai Kamara.

He also dilated on his political experience, service, contributions and support to the entire Koya, York, Mountain and Waterloo Rural districts during these trying times of APC. He further promised to work for the good of all and that with his unique leadership qualities, once elected, he will restore hope to APC members relating to community development and effective coordination of the party affairs in Western Rural district.

He appealed to party stalwarts to support him achieve his goal. “APC needs a fearless, hard-working and philanthropic personality as head of the party in Western Rural Area and I consider myself the best based on your overwhelming appreciation and commendation of my leadership style,” Comrade Morlai A. Kamara explained, concluding by stating he has seek the support of structures of the party for his ambition, while commending the National Chairman and Leader of APC, Comrade Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma (former President of Sierra Leone) and the astute National Secretary General, Alhaji Ambassador Dr. Osman Foday Yansaneh.

Responding, speaker after speaker in the Fogbo gathering commended the leading Aspirant for his undiluted faith in the ideology and philosophy of the All Peoples Congress. They thanked him for his many contributions to youths engaged in feeder roads and bridges rehabilitation, financial assistance to executives of APC in Western Rural Area as well as what they called, ‘‘Chairman Morlai’s assistance to the social, educational, political, humanitarian and religious sectors.” In the Team Morlai A. Kamara, is a collection of forward-looking and committed APC stalwarts and strategists cutting across the 8 constituencies in Western Rural Area and even beyond.

Meanwhile, a keen Political observer/commentator who has for years been analyzing the political dynamics of the district, have confidently disclosed to this author that based on widespread interviews, interactions and opinions, it is clear Comrade Morlai A. Kamara is the favourite to win the pending election once the district convention is held. “He has the right flair, demeanour, clout, common touch, resources, experience and strategy to head the district and ensure APC records massive victories in 2023 elections,” “the political commentator maintained, while calling on other aspirants to consider it prudent and throw their support to Comrade Morlai A. Kamara.

“He cuts across all ages and groups in the district and even across party lines, which is necessary for landslide victories,” the commentator disclosed, equally revealing that the aspirant has comparatively utilized close to 500 Million Leones in many facets of development and party programmes across Western Rural Area, as well as organs of the party including Task Force, Youth League and even the Secretariat. Reports state, Comrade Morlai A. Kamara together with the Headman of Kondoloh Community, Rokel Area, have played pivotal role in changing the narratives of their community and deepening APC support.

“This is the spring board of his interventions in other communities of Western Rural Area” a resident noted.