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The indictment of Dr Samura Kamara, didn’t come as a surprise to some of us because it has always been part of the dubious grand plan of President Bio to undermine the chances of the APC winning the 2023 elections It is evident that President Bio will be kicked out of state house, a fact which he himself cannot dispute because he had not only underperformed, but has contributed to destroy all the gains made by his predecessor, Dr Ernest Bai Koroma.

Cognizant of the fact that it is all certain Dr Samura had paved his way up to become the leading contender among other aspirants who are vying to lead the All Peoples Congress Party in 2023, President Bio has seen the writing on the wall that he is going, and interestingly every day Dr Samura Kamara’s continue to overshadow him with his growing popularity like a bush fire during the harmattan. Therefore, in the figment of his imagination, President Bio believe the only way he could get Dr Samura out of the way is to use the ACC to carry out one of his diabolic game plan so that he could get a second term. What President Bio does not understand is the fact that it is sacrosanct that the APC is coming back to power in 2023 through the ballot box, and it is just a matter of time. It is stated in Psalm 105:15 that “touch not my anointed and do my prophet no harm”. Dr Samura Kamara’s  is a prophet in his own kingdom, so any dubious plan to derail his March to state house in 2023 will surely bite fire. He is unstoppable, and it is sealed and settled, indictment or no indictment – we move.

Conversely, the indictment came out at a time when President Bio is under the spotlight for all the bad reasons that are dramatic, sensational and newsworthy among them: Two weeks ago, a video showing his step son mocking the people of Sierra Leonean with his lavish life style shows casing a bag full of dollars and pounds was going round WhatsApp and Facebook, at a time when his government has made living condition very hard in the country. Then came another breaking news the suspension of the Auditor General Without following the due process.

Finally, at a time when an important document the 2022 budget is being debated in parliament and Sierra Leoneans across the world are paying close attention in that direction. Let I forget, also in the news: President Bio was snubbed by the President Of the United States Joe Biden, after he invited President George Weah of Liberia and over hundred other heads of state across the world, unfortunately our President was not among because of his worse human rights record and corrupt behaviour – what an embarrassment for mama Salone.