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‘Uselessness’ of the SLPP

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By Gunther AB Daramy

Please be random!

Walk along Wallace Johnson Street and ask one SLPP supporter why his wife had a miscarriage?

If this is too much of a painful exercise, please use the interactive media and pose the above question.

I am certain you won’t be surprised if he (a male SLPP supporter) says ‘‘the cause of the death of his unborn child is former President, Dr. Ernest Bai Koroma and or the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party’’.

They [gullible supporters of the SLPP] will even blame the APC for the failure of President Julius Maada Bio to even provide basic social amenities for countrymen even his ability to start the construction of the Lungi Bridge.

These unimaginable and sickening patterns are continuing at an alarming rate, to a point that people are now tired of what my grannie used to describe as ‘swimming in the pools insincerity’. The current governors are riding on the hopelessness of their supporters and political block.

No wonder a chairman of the SLPP in Kenema will find it strange that a group of self-employed young people (Okada Riders) would shout that the opposition (APC) will be back in power come 2023 in front of SLPP office.

To him it is not about the plight of every citizenry who is finding it very difficult to survive; to him, everything about the APC is bad irrespective of any other consideration.

The psychological effect of this is traced from a document like the Government Transition report (GTTR) which was translated into his brain.

From the video, we heard him repeating, ‘‘Kenema! Kenema!’’ with utter shock.

For those of us who understands the psychological reaction of the Chairman, we can understand his reaction is borne out frustration knowing fully well that all is not well.

 Kenema residents rejected the transformation of the APC in many folds during the era of former president Koroma.

As I am writing, major tangible development in Kenema, are the legacies of Siaka Stevens, Joseph Saidu Momoh or President Ernest Bai Koroma.

This, among other activities of buffoonery, is a proven testament that the SLPP is very useless and blind to the plight of the average Sierra Leoneans who are under very difficult circumstances yet someone receiving funds from the state will zero their fate to the Russian Vs Ukraine turmoil.

There is a clear justification and reason beyond every reasonable doubt that, the SLPP of President Julius Maada Bio has no business in the running of a developing state like Sierra Leone.

We are now over four years since President Julius Maada Bio was controversially elected President of Sierra Leone, yet every other day; it is either the APC does this or that!

Give us a break!

We cannot continue to stomach the failures of this government all in the name of the blame game, cheap politics, and mind game.

Media handlers of the ruling SLPP have been riding on the gullibility of the average Sierra Leonean out there and by every indication, this approach is now tasteless and is now even a poison, for the democracy of the state.

Many of our compatriots are highly frustrated with the high level of dishonesty to a point that people are left to their fate not even thinking of their inability to feign for their living the next day, but that they have been reduced to listening nonsense being spouted by people living on taxpayers’ money.

The sad part is our President (HE. Julius Maada Bio) had made it categorically clear he can only work with people he knows.

To be fair to him, that shouldn’t be a problem for political appointees.

On the other way round, one may want to ask: what about the hundreds of professionals out there were being sacked, humiliated, suppressed, and even sometimes suspended from their job, because they, being perceived as a non-member of the ruling SLPP party or member of their clan or tribe or their steadfastness to ensuring things are done the right way.

This is a crazy reality we are faced with and had to deal with amid our fledgling democracy.

The current SLPP regime has given rise to unilateral thinking. Other members of the state should now fear for their survival.

This is the case of what is happening in Sierra Leone today.

Failures of Government’s Communications:

A government transition report was put together by somebody that was supposed to be a chief minister and now a foreign minister.

Holding politicians or past regimes to give an account of their stewardship should not be diluted with an intention of malice. 

The discoveries of the GTT report were poorly translated and communicated to the public.

Tribal profiling of a certain tribe being more involved in corruption than that of the other breeds room for retribution.

The beginning and continuing state capture, retrogression, toxicity, and lack of trust in nearly all state institution, stem from the decision of the statehouse and government’s media teams to attempt to paint, dirt, and generalize, every and all initiatives, of the past government, as bad.

This approach does not only kill the sincerity of purpose of the GTT report but also raises unnecessary tension in every ministry, department, and agency of the state.

The failures of the ruling government to communicate effectively to the people of Sierra Leone about the eleven years governance journey of former President Koroma have created room for a situation of US VS THEM. The four years of the ruling government have occasioned every effort to undo gains of the past, project challenges of the past, and convert continuity of the past to the present without acknowledgment. This is so because of the ineptitude of government spin doctors.

Inept spin doctors:

The fact that everything of the past regime has been branded as bad gives little or no hope for the future. You would want to note why the likes of the former Vice President, Victor Bockarie Foh, Alpha Kanu, and Robin Faley are described by many SLPP supporters today as patriots, while every other politician of the APC (who had refused to compromise their political belief) are painted bad tell the level at which the SLPP is taking Sierra Leoneans for granted.

Taking Sierra Leoneans for granted:

The SLPP is taking Sierra Leoneans for granted. During the 2018 Presidential Debate, President Julius Maada Bio recounted the way Sierra Leoneans were suffering when the price for a bag of rice was Le 200,000. Now that the price for a bag of rice is about half a million, the juxtaposition of both examples of the bread and butter reality at various periods tells you now that the cost of living is higher in Sierra Leone than in any other period in the country.

The SLPP in their quest to gain power did not pay attention to the effect of non-traditional security threats like Ebola in 2014 in Sierra Leone.

We were in Sierra Leone before Ebola struck when Sierra Leone was rated one of the fastest-growing economies in the world. 

We enjoyed this period and before 2018, life was not too hard compared to what we are witnessing today.

The insincerity of the Bio-led administration had landed the SLPP in a state of inertia.

Many brainwashed SLPP supporters amid their suffering would say President Bio has performed very well.

They are of the view that the current SLPP regime has achieved a lot but blind as they are, they would come up to admit subconsciously that the APC is not allowing them to deliver.

Time had caught up with the SLPP. The President had started his campaign. The best person to endorse him was an old APC veteran, Victor Bockarie Foh, who was appointed Vice President in the past regime but was involved in the serious Hajj Scam that left him in the net of the ACC. 

What a useless SLPP regime!