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We Yone’ Editor-in- Chief Calls For Impartial Treatment of Social Media Abusers

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By Morlai K. Kanu

Editor-in-Chief of We Yone Press, who also is a leading aspirant for the elective position of Publicity Secretary of the APC Western Region, Comrade Gunther Adikali Bai Daramy has in a recent debate organized by the National Political Debate Committee (NPDC) at the New Brookfields Hotel, Freetown for Political Parties, called on the SLPP-led Bio government to treat with impartiality abusers of social media.

Dilating on promoting responsible use of social media, Comrade Daramy who represented the All Peoples Congress (APC) political party reiterated the call of APC for political parties youths to denounce violence in elections, as well as mobilize cross party initiatives. According to the APC representative, the social media should be used responsibly for peace, security and national cohesion and not to trigger tribal, regional and or political upheavals.

He concluded by calling on the government to put modalities and mechanism in place to identify abusers of social media, stressing the strategy should be devoid of selective justice and partisan consideration.