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“Booing of President Bio: Premonition of Defeat in 2023!”

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As a trail of sustained signs of embarrassment and rejection continues to dogged the lame-duck President of Sierra Leone in the person of Falstafian Bragadier Julius Maada Bio, a political commentator who spoke to We Yone hours after last week’s video clip of President Bio been booed in Kono went viral on social media and even in traditional news outlets, noted, “the booing of President Bio is a premonition or sign of defeat in 2023 election”. According to reports, President Bio was addressing a gathering of educationists, Kono stalwarts and students in Koidu City, Kono district on a so-called ‘Kono university’ when he was spontaneously booed at by people who by all indications are frustrated and dismayed over the failures of the Bio SLPP-led government almost four years at the saddle of national governance.

Shouts of “we are hungry!!!, “we want light” were heard audibly, thus placing the President in a state of discomfiture and embarrassment.

According to the Political Commentator, the outburst could be likened to the ‘busting of suppressed anger and pain” in the hearts of Kono residents. “It is no hidden secret that it is this Bio regime that in less than three months in office in 2018 that carted away Kono district electric plant to Bo; this same Bio government that failed to build on the gains made by erstwhile APC government in sectors of road infrastructures, health, education, energy and national cohesion; this same Bio government that created a climate of fear, intimidation and violence as evidenced in the stolen victory in Ward 091 local council bye-election; this same Bio government that is faking Kono residents of their so-called preparedness to build Kono University when the SLPP has just one year left to exit power as indicated in popular opinions of citizens,” the Political Commentator noted.

The Commentator pointed out to We Yone downfall of failed leaders always precipitated by public booing and snobbish disregard by the governed. “This happened to former President Jacob Zuma of South Africa, Donald Trump in USA as well as Yayah Jammeh in Gambia before they were booted out of power, democratically,” the political Commentator explained, and concluded by asserting that the failures of the Bio regime are sources of annoyance to Sierra Leoneans and by booing the President now in public gatherings, they have demonstrated their determination to vote Bio out of power in 2023 Presidential election.

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