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Freetown City Council Supports He4She Day in 118 Primary Schools

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In a bid to promote early learning and education, the Freetown City Council recently supported at least 13,000 girls across 118 schools in Freetown.

FCC invited beneficiaries’ fathers and father figures to celebrate a He4She Day.

According to the Mayor of Freetown, “the aim of the day was to encourage fathers and other male family members to understand the importance of their support in a girls’ educational journey.’’ 

Her Worship Yvonne Aki-Sawyer added the event was part of an ongoing intervention in 118 primary schools that is focused on gender responsive schooling.

She explained responsive schooling caters for the different needs of girls and boys. 

The programme is called Pawa as it works to ensure that girls too receive an education that is genuinely empowering, according to the Mayor.

“Under the leadership of their School Head teachers, the girls read letters they had written to their fathers, uncles, older brothers etc, they recited a girl power poem, they shared their dreams of who they want to be and what they want to be able to do,’’ she added. 

She revealed she attended the event at the EB Williams Municipal School and it was heartwarming to listen as fathers spoke about their willingness to support the girls and signed a pledge committing to engage more actively in their daughters’ education.

The event ended with the fathers serving their daughters with light refreshments.

The Pawa programme is part of a larger set of interventions supporting school leaders across Freetown, run in partnership with the Freetown City Council by EducAid and Rising Academies Network.

“We will continue to invest in this intervention and plan to expand it in the next academic year,’’ Mayor further assured.

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