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‘‘The Ballot Is Mightier Than the Bullet…’’ APC Lectures Bio on ‘Good Governance’

APC Lectures Bio on ‘Good Governance’

by Gunther
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By Gunther AB Daramy

All Peoples Congress (APC) Party through its National Secretary General has offered what many have described as a free lecture on good governance to embattled President Julius Maada Bio.

The release states:  “the APC is confident that the people of Sierra Leone understand that the ballot is mightier than the bullet’’.

Lansana Dumbuya’s signed release made public the views of the APC after what many political commentators have observed “a disappointing speech delivered by President Julius Maada Bio’’, in the eastern part of Sierra Leone.

The APC, according to the release,   is deeply concerned about among other things, the recent address made by the President where he threatened citizens that, “if they come with a bullet, they would be met with a bullet.”

The APC believes Bio is ‘‘burning out in the kitchen’’, noting the provocation of the president amid the ongoing hunger, starvation, and economic devastation facing the nation, is deeply troubling.

Instead of fostering unity and offering words of encouragement to the people, President Bio has chosen to use incendiary, the APC release pointed out, saying such rhetoric further divides the nation which is experiencing a total decline since 2018 when he assumed the mantle of leadership of the country.

The president’s  statement, the release states,  is highly detrimental to the social fabric of Sierra Leone.

“The APC wishes to remind the public of the Agreement for National Unity, which contains a mutual condemnation of hate speech and violence. This agreement, signed by both the SLPP led Government and the APC,’’ the release states, citing the reality that both the APC and the regime agreed on turning down the rhetoric and hate speech.

“The acts and words of President Bio are ill-advised and unfortunate,’’ according to the release, adding  leaders of both the APC and the SLPP Government should be diligently working to bring together the nation and foster peace.

“During these difficult circumstances, it is crucial that we give utmost importance to the unity and coherence of our nation,’’ the release states, while  reaffirming the APC’s   unwavering dedication to the fundamental tenets of democracy, freedom, and the rule of law.

The release also decried any effort of the regime to utilize governmental authority to coerce, persecute, or unlawfully confine individuals on the grounds of their political convictions or associations.

The government, the APC release suggested, should halt these unjustified steps and focus on fostering authentic dialogue and reconciliation, in accordance with the Bintumani Agreement, to guarantee the political stability and peace of Sierra Leone.

“We implore all citizens of Sierra Leone to maintain composure and concentration, and to allow the tripartite committee to proceed with its crucial tasks, while patiently awaiting its ultimate findings,’’ the release states, maintaining optimism that Bio would collaborate with the APC in the endeavor to unify citizens and guide the nation towards a tranquil and prosperous future.

APC National Scribe

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