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In a nutshell, after the disenchantment of northern and some eastern ethnic groups including the Konos and the SLPP, along with the creation of an alliance with the Sierra Leone Progressive Independence Movement (SLPIM), He was one of the 8TH members of the APC after it was formed in September 1960. The All People’s Congress (APC) was formed at 5 Elba Street, Freetown, and consisted of the late Alhaji Chief Mucktarru Kallay, First chairman and Leader and who gave the party its name and the symbol. Allieu Badarr Koroma, Deputy chairman, C.A. Kamara-Taylor, First Secretary General, Alhaji Sheik Gibril Sesay, Treasurer, Kawusu Konte, Organiser, S A T Koroma, Public Relations, Kotor Abu Bakarr Sam Bangura, The Artist, drawings of the Symbol.

These were the first seven and founding members of the All Peoples Congress Party. The next Members are Siaka probyn Stevens, Nancy Steele, S.I.Koroma, Bob Allen, Mohamed Bash-Taqui and Ibrahim Bash-Taqui. Sir Albert Margai who would later return to the SLPP and become Prime Minister, and Siaka P. Stevens who would go on later to become Prime Minister and subsequently President of Sierra Leone.

Sierra Leone formally achieved its independence from Britain and became a member of the Commonwealth of Nations (CON) on April 27, 1961. Parliamentary elections were held on May 25, 1962, and the Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) won 28 out of 74 seats in the National Assembly and the APC won 16 seats in the National Assembly.  Furthermore, Parliamentary elections were also held on March 17, 1967 which saw the APC win 32 out of 78 seats in the National Assembly and the SLPP won 28 seats in the National Assembly.

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