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Controversial Speaker resigns

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By Sibo 125

Recent developments suggest the current regime in Sierra Leone, is struggling with so many contentious issues.

Among them is the resignation of an imposed speaker in the country’s chamber of parliament.

Hon. Chernor Abass Bundu has succumbed to pressure from the Sierra Leone Government and has tendered his resignation letter as Speaker of Parliament.

In 2018 and 2023 respectively, Dr. Abass Bundu was forcefully placed as Speaker of the House with the machination of partisan and corrupt clerk, Paran Tarawallie.

The Process of electing the Speaker is enshrined in Section 79 of the 1991 Sierra Leone constitution.

“Two thirds of MPs is emphasized, aside the two thirds the Speaker shall be elected by a resolution passed by a simple majority of all the members of parliament,” a former member of parliament from Falaba, Hon. Lahai Marrah commented.

He added: “In his two successive elections, two thirds was never attained, neither was there present opposition MPs.”

There are suggestions that his resignation at this stage might not be unconnected with issues around the ECOWAS membership and the corruption saga involving the clerk of parliament, who was caught up at a high level of corruption and nepotism putting his wife in the payroll of Parliament while she was sitting at home

A notice being circulated on social media confirmed State House has accepted the resignation of Dr. Bundu. Suspended Clerk, Paran Tarawallie, was seen in an event announcing himself as the substantive speaker of parliament.

The Bio-led administration continues to be in the limelight for all the wrong reasons with so many ugly developments with the country’s being one of the worst places to live on the planet.

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