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Addressing Kono dynamics: Crucial for APC’s Victory in 2023…

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e Yone believes that, “a spade is a spade”.

As a party, the issue of Kono as the swing district of elections in Sierra Leone keeps coming into the fore of the party since 2015 to date.

We Yone would refrain from apportioning blame or even calling names for the current unfavorable situation APC finds itself in Kono.

We Yone is au-fait with the political giants in the district and it has come out clearly that Kono is patriarchal community where majority of residents are much more inclined to follow male politicians than female ones.

We Yone would like to cite the last Ward 091 local council bye-election in which the APC candidate performed miserably for obvious reasons.

We Yone attribute this defeat as a result of the fight of egoism and bigotry between and among APC stalwarts in the district, which to all intents and purposes, are not consistent with the ideals of APC.

We Yone would like to repeat that Kono is a patriarchal community with many secret societies whose adherents are not inclined to follow female politicians regardless of assumed bravado.

We Yone is urgently appealing to the hierarchy of the party to do a re-think on Kono issue, ensure strategic thinking takes dominance over sentimental and parochial thinking to ensure notable political giants from Kono are brought into the fold of the party.

This is the desire of the rank and file so as for APC to take back Kono and give victory to the party.

The point is, a presidential candidate requires 55% of valid presidential votes to constitutionally win the election on first round.

We Yone calls for unity and common sense approach.

We Yone conclude by stressing that addressing Kono dynamics urgently and dispassionately is crucial for APC’s victory in 2023.


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