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Genocidal Incitement Calls For ICC’s Intervention!!!

We Yone is worried over the fact that, number of SLPP propagandists who have in the wake of this botched, illegal, untimely and unprecedented mid-term census being fanning the embers of genocide.

We Yone is shocked these known SLPP fanatics and ‘war-mongers’ have been threatening residents in the South-East, who are not members of the dominant tribe in that part of the country, that if they fail to get themselves counted, they will be attacked- simply killed and properties destroyed!

We Yone is alarmed that propagandists of the ruling Sierra Leone Peoples Party President Bio-led government should in this age of democracy, freedoms and rule of law, have the audacity, effrontery  and unconsidered alacrity to utter such incendiary statements.

We Yone believes citizens are not oblivious that it was a set of tribal ‘Journalists’ or propagandists who incited tribal bigotry and pogrom in Rwanda over a radio station few decades ago.

We Yone would like to point out to these SLPP miscreants that when a law is bad, immoral and counterproductive, citizens of a nation have the right to challenge them.

We Yone cites leading civil Rights Activists notably Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, who challenged racial discrimination in USA; William Wilberforce who challenged slavery in England; Jomo Kenyatta who challenged the ills of colonialism in Kenya; Comrade Nelson Madiba Mandela who challenged apartheid in South Africa and in Sierra Leone, citizens collectively resisted military rule in favour of democracy in 1995/1996.

We Yone is also of the opinion that these propagandists are pretending to be ignorant of cries and protests from many quarters and large chunk of the population that have opposed and rejected the so-called mid-term census on solid grounds.

And, since Sierra Leone is a country of laws and freedoms, no authority has the right to silence people who feel aggrieved from expressing their views or take legal and peaceful actions in demonstrating their annoyance.

We Yone is therefore calling on the International Criminal Court (ICC) to immediately intervene in Sierra Leone and take action against inciters of genocide.

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