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‘Jammehism’: Major Undoing of President Bio!

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Jammehism’: Major Undoing of President Bio!By Septimus A.M. Saffa

Humanity is littered with histories of Leaders who had their downfall because they allowed their inconsiderate wives to lord it over them.

Examples abound including Samson’s downfall due to Delilah’s entrapment; Queen Jezebel’s role in the downfall of her husband; King David’s unforgivable sin of murder and infidelity as a result of Uriah’s killing, just to take over Bathsheba; and in modern times, number of fickle-minded Leaders have had their downfall due to uncontrollable temptations, naggings, influences and coercions of their wives.

Former President Gbagbo of Ivory Coast is a typical example as it is an open secret that it was his wife who convinced him not to accept defeat in the presidential post when he lost as an incumbent to the then opposition Politician/Economist, now President Alhassan Quatara.

Eagle’s eye would hasten to state that the above do not intend to indicate that every woman is bad and wicked.

That is far away from the truth as instances abound of successful past and present male Presidents and or even Prime Ministers whose wives have been of major positive complimentary roles. Former President Bill Clinton of USA for example, has a very useful, credible, godly and respectable wife in the personality of Hilary Clinton (she is infact a woman of substance who in 2016 was a formidable presidential candidate of the Democratic Party in USA).

The bottomline is, while elected politicians can listen to the advices of their wives, they should never ever allow themselves to be dictated to when it comes to their functions on national governance.

Zooming on ‘Jammehism’- a doctrine that was perfected and executed by the Military Dictator/former Head of State of the Republic of the Gambia, self-styled Professor Dr. Yayah Jammeh, between 1994 and 2016, the state of Gambia was presided by a dictatorial regime which occasioned massive and macabre violation of human rights, arbitrary arrest and detentions of leading opposition politicians including the versatile Lawyer/politician Husseine Dabor; un-explained disappearances, killings of journalists and unleashing of police state.

That era of undemocratic project in that part of the West Coast of Africa was very nauseating and anathemic to good governance, respect for rule of law and tenets of democracy.

No wonder Yayah Jammeh was forced out of power when he attempted to resist the will of the electorate who voted him out of power in favour of President Adama Barrow.

Hence, Eagle’s eye is of the opinion that any elected President in African who mean well for his/her people should be wary of Jammehism.

Infact it should not be considered, let alone adopted and executed as a political experimentation.

Coming to Sierra Leone, the wife of President Julius Maada Bio is a Gambian. Research indicates Fatima Bio is a strong disciple of former President Yayah Jammeh and this could be discerned in her characteristic mannerism.

Records abound of Fatima Bio threatening citizens that ‘mob justice’ can be unleashed in this 21st century of Sierra Leone’s nascent democracy; swearing perceived critics of Bio’s government; using vulgar, indecent and even insensitive remarks on Sierra Leoneans; blatantly and illegally performing state and party duties which are not consistent with 1991 constitution, etc, etc.

Eagle’s eye will like to remind readers of the saying which goes: “show me your friend, and I will tell you your character.” Also, another one goes: “a man is known by the company he keeps.”

And, Fatima Bio is the wife of Bio; and Fatima Bio is the First Lady of Sierra Leone; and Fatima Bio has traits of Jammehism; and Fatima Bio by the look of things has imported this distasteful, despicable and reprehensible doctrine of Jammehism into the political and national modus operandi of President Bio’s administration.

Eagle’s eye needs not point out to readers examples of Jammehism in Bio’s actions and activities couched in undemocratic nature across the nooks and crannies of Sierra Leone.

Thus, it is no altruism but tangible fact that a Leader stands to be destroyed by the snares of an overbearing, power drunk and vain glory wife.

Sierra Leoneans believe in democracy and not coercism.

In short, Jammehism has become a major undoing of Bio!

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