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APC Supports Genuine Fight Against Kush

by Gunther
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All Peoples Congress (APC) Party has made its stance on the fight against deadly addictive drug Kush, insisting the need to fight Kush but firmly noted “any state of emergency rules must comply with section 29 of the constitution” to the letter; especially the creation of a special tribunal to act as checks and balances for any abuse of the detention powers conferred therein.

The Party, through its National Secretary General, affirmed the APC is aware of the menace of Kush, a dangerous drug, the release noted, is ravaging the youths of our beloved country.

The APC, the release further stated, has been clamouring within and without the House of Parliament, specifically urging the Government to take sincere leadership in the fight against Kush.

“The APC strongly believes that the fight against KUSH should not be politicized given that, breaking the chain of supply will require a total political will by the Government and the support of all and sundry devoid of political, economic and any other status in the society,’’ the release further notes, adding, the APC condemns anyone who is involved in sale, distribution and use of Kush and other related harmful drugs.

Speaking to We Yone last evening, National Secretary General of the APC reiterated, “the time for decisive action to disrupt Kush trafficking networks is now’’.

Lansana Dumbuya Esq dilated further that the effort includes through evidence-based prevention and treatment services, strengthening legal frameworks, and enhanced international cooperation at the law enforcement and prosecutorial levels. 

He added the APC from the onset strongly supports the collective effort of all institutions local and international, and the people of Sierra Leone in the fight against KUSH.

It is the belief of the APC that this current sad trend will serve as a wake-up call, to all Sierra Leoneans and the international community to take urgent, coordinated, and comprehensive action to dismantle drug trafficking networks and give the youths of Sierra Leone the future they deserve.

The APC scribe also emphasized amidst the complexities of the nature of national politics, failure to unite in our efforts to fight Kush is not an option.

“The APC notes with utter dismay, that Kush is highly addictive and has claimed the lives of hundreds, if not thousands of young people in the country in recent years,’’ the release stated, noting the surge of this drug and its source and transmission across the country is a worrying concern for every well-meaning Sierra Leonean.

The society at large, the APC maintained, has been adversely affected by its negative consequences, which extend beyond the immediate user community.

Kush and other related drugs, the APC believes, continue to hinder security, economic development and the rule of law, while jeopardizing public health, with detrimental consequences both locally and globally.

“The APC therefore firmly stands ready to participate in any effort to combat the misuse of all drugs, which is crucial to the protection of our vulnerable young people, who are the building block for the progress and future of the country,’’ the release affirmed.

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