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National Prayers Affirmation of Failure?

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By Abdul Bero Kamara   (Chief )

For those who have witnessed the public health crises from the Ebola outbreak in 2014 to the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020, it is evident that Sierra Leone demonstrates resilience, yet appears insensitive to the efficacy of prayer.

Even fervent religious leaders, including pastors and imams with ‘fire prayers’ have refrained from offering prayers for Sierra Leone, recognizing that the nation’s challenges necessitate practical and righteous actions from leaders and not prayers.

The current situation in Sierra Leone underscores the imperative for President Bio to exhibit magnanimity by gracefully stepping down as President, acknowledging his role in the current state of affairs

The fact of the matter is President Bio’s suggestion for Sierra Leoneans to pray for the nation ahead of its 63rd Independence Anniversary is unlikely to yield tangible results, as religious leaders can attest to the ineffectiveness of prayers when it comes to solving   Sierra Leone’s chronic governance issues.

If those individuals possessing spiritual and academic acumen have slowed down on their prayers for  Sierra Leone, who else possesses the moral fortitude necessary to offer prayers that could catalyze positive change and bring solace to the majority of Sierra Leoneans?

Mr. President, when was the last time you witnessed churches or mosques nationwide advocating for collective national prayers and fasting for Sierra Leone?

It has indeed been a long time because these religious leaders have concluded that Sierra Leone’s chronic problems are rooted in the realms of ineffective leadership and unwavering patriotism.

Therefore, it is incumbent upon the president to demonstrate magnanimity and responsibility by promptly resigning from office with grace and dignity. Is call for national prayers an admission of failure on the social contract of the Julius Maada Bio-led controversial leadership?

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