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Common goal is to prioritize the interests of Sierra Leone above all else- APC Updates on Tripartite Committee

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By Abdul Bero Kamara (Consultant Editor)

The APC party Press conference for an update on the work of the Tripartite Committee held yesterday 24/04/1024 at the party’s headquarters was chaired by the National Publicity Secretary (NPS), Comrade Sidi Yayah Tunis.

After the Secretary General’s Comrade Lansana Dumbuya Esq’s opening remarks, Comrade Tunis introduced the APC chair of the tripartite committees, Dr Kelfala Marrah

During his opening address, Dr. Marrah expressed gratitude to the party leadership for entrusting them with sacred responsibilities and the opportunity to represent the party.

He also extended appreciation to the committee members for their tireless efforts and unity, which have facilitated the modest progress achieved thus far. Additionally, he extended thanks to the party members for their patience.

Dr. Marrah provided a comprehensive overview of the origins of the tripartite committee, highlighting the pivotal role played by international partners in conjunction with the Peace Commission to mediate a critical impasse between the government and the main opposition party, the APC, following the June 23 election.

This diplomatic intervention led to a landmark peace conference held at the  Buntumani Hotel from October 16-18, resulting in the establishment of a National Unity agreement.

The Unity agreement encompasses a series of 8 resolutions that mandate both the APC party and the government to take specific actions.

Dr. Marrah emphasized that the tripartite committee’s primary focus lies in addressing resolution three (3), which pertains to conducting a thorough examination of the June 23 elections, as well as previous electoral processes including voter registration, election outcomes, and other pertinent electoral matters.

After their analysis, the committee is tasked with formulating actionable and implementable recommendations.”

Conversely, Dr. Marrah emphasized the importance of Resolution 8, which established a committee of moral guarantors comprising the Council of Paramount Chiefs, International Partners, Civil Societies, Interreligious Council, and other key stakeholders.

This committee will play a crucial role in overseeing the implementation of findings and recommendations, ensuring accountability from all parties involved, he added.

Furthermore, Dr. Marrah elaborated on the tripartite committee, clarifying that it signifies a three-way partnership.

He further explained: “This committee, tasked with examining the election process, includes representatives from the APC party, the government, and international partners led by the UN Resident Coordinator in Sierra Leone.”

He stated that following a consultation between the government and the APC party, an agreement was reached to appoint seven representatives from each side to the committee.

However, it was ultimately decided by the partners that the UN resident coordinator, Sarah Finn, would represent them.

Consequently, the committee now boasts three Co-Chairs from the respective parties: Dr. Emmanuel Gaima for the government, Dr. Kelfala Marrah for the APC party, and Madam Seraphine Wakana, for the partners.

He emphasized that the decision-making process is a collaborative effort, with all parties engaging in discussions, debates, disagreements, and reconciliations around a table.

As representatives of their party, he noted they are dedicated to keeping party members informed and involved in order to avoid any surprises. This commitment led to the convening of a press conference, the fourth of its kind.

APC Tripartite Committe Chair: Dr. Keifala Marrah

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