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Work of The Tripartite Committee Has Four Phases- Co-Chair reveals

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By Abdul Bero Kamara- Chief (Consultant Editor)

Dr. Keifala Marrah, Co-Chairman of the Tripartite Committee, representing the All Peoples Congress has revealed the three-way leadership committee has four phases.

He highlighted that committee members had collectively developed a set of terms of reference (TOR) to guide their work.

He also reminded members that the TOR had been previously discussed and approved during a press conference held to brief party members on the matter.

During the convergence of efforts between the government’s Terms of Reference (TOR) and that of the main opposition APC party, a unified agreement was reached and formally signed on February 6th at the Brookfield Hotel.

Further, Dr.  Marrah said there were other additional documents encompassed rules of proceeding, a communication framework, and the establishment of secretariats, along with the identification of pertinent experts.

Subsequent to the public disclosure of the signed TOR, notable progress has been achieved, prompting the convening of this press conference.

The work of the committee will cover four thematic areas, he said,

Dr. Marrah revealed that the committee anticipates the project or work will unfold in four distinct phases.

Phase (I) :The initial phase involves internal preparatory tasks, formulating the TOR, and engaging specialized experts.

Phase (ii) :The second phase entails national readiness efforts, including the identification and preparation of key institutions such as ECSL, NCRA, ONS, SLP, PPRC and RSLAF, in addition to laying the groundwork for expert involvement.

Phase (iii):The third phase will encompass a comprehensive review process and the formulation of recommendations, leading to

Phase (Iv) : final phase of implementing the proposed recommendations.”

Furthermore, Dr Marrah articulated that following the signing of TOR  proactive measures were taken to engage with international partners, as a result, he asked the audience to join him in thanking them.

 Dr. Marrah further elaborated on the Terms of Reference (TOR) and emphasized the importance of a structured approach to their work. Consequently, he  outlined a delivery framework and highlighted three key areas for review:

             THE ELECTION LAWS

(I) The first area involves a comprehensive examination of the election laws within the country, with a focus on their adequacy and susceptibility to manipulation., and a comparative analysis with election laws of other countries, particularly those enshrined in the 1991 constitution and the Public Election Act (PEA), will be reviewed to inform recommendations.and the two APC Party representative for this area to oversee the examination of the initial segment of election laws: Lawyer Boniface Sidikie Kamara Esq and Madam Bernadette Kargbo


(ii) The second area pertains to a thorough evaluation of institutions responsible for election-related matters. Key considerations include the effectiveness of current practices, the role of the Electoral Commissioner of Sierra Leone (ECSL), decision-making processes, and alignment with international standards. Dr. Marrah underscored the significance of institutional reform to ensure optimal performance.and the two APC representative for this area : Ambassador Alimamy Petito Koroma and Mr Prince Tholley will assess the relevant election institutions


(iii) The third area concerns elections management, encompassing aspects such as election results, voter registration, security protocols, voter education, and the relationship between the National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA) and ECSL. Additionally, attention will be given to data handling procedures to enhance transparency and efficiency in electoral processes, the APC party representative for this area are: Dr Richard Konteh and Mr David Fornab have been tasked with overseeing elections management.

 Additionally, the government has designated two representatives to each of these segments, bringing the total number of individuals in each segment to four.

Furthermore, Dr. Marrah explained that following these nominations, the group convened to deliberate on the next steps. Recognizing the need for specialized expertise in the electoral process, they concluded that an election expert should be engaged to provide guidance. Subsequently, they identified eleven areas requiring expert attention.

APC’s Co-Chairman

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