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Opposition House Leader decries ‘Lack of Political Will’

by Gunther
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By We Yone Staff Writer

Dr Geraldine George, a prominent specialist Obstetrician Gynecologist attached to the National OBGYN Hospital, PCMH, commonly known as Cottage was recently fired by the SLPP government of President Bio because she raised concerns about the persistent power outages at the hospital where she is assigned.

Dr. George was on night duty Monday 23/04/24, when she experienced a power outage that lasted throughout her shift.

She recounted the harrowing experience of working without electricity from 9:15 pm until 8 am, highlighting the challenges faced by both the medical staff and patients in such conditions.

She shared heartbreaking stories of newborns in distress who had tragically lost their lives due to the lack of essential medical equipment like oxygen, which couldn’t be provided during power outages.

Dr George shed light on the daily struggles faced by pregnant women at the hospital, emphasizing the inadequate working conditions and the toll it takes on both patients and medical staff.

She pointed out the irony of patients expecting free healthcare services but ending up having to purchase essential items due to the hospital’s shortcomings.

Dr. George’s dismissal has sparked outrage and raised concerns about the state of healthcare facilities in the country.

Her plea for a better working environment and the fulfilment of promises made to citizens regarding healthcare services resonates with many who believe that quality healthcare should be a basic right for all.   The incident serves as a stark reminder of the urgent need for improvements in the healthcare system to ensure the well-being of both medical professionals and patients.

It is with noting that  Sierra Leone is already facing the challenge of brain drain as many young doctors are leaving for opportunities abroad,  therefore the recent actions of the SLPP government under President Bio have added to this concerning trend.

The irony is stark – while the government is pushing away individuals with valuable skills and knowledge, it continues to rely on donor partners for financial support. This contradiction highlights the short-sightedness of such actions, as it undermines the country’s ability to effectively address its healthcare challenges and other critical sectors.

The situation is not only sad but also disgraceful, as it reflects a lack of appreciation for the contributions of skilled professionals who are essential for the country’s development. Instead of fostering an environment that encourages talent retention and growth, the government’s actions are driving away those who could make a significant difference in improving the nation’s healthcare system and overall well-being.

Ultimately, for Sierra Leone to progress and thrive, the government must recognize the value of its skilled workforce and create an environment that nurtures and supports their contributions.

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