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Bio’s Nephew Nabbed in Liberia Over Drug Trafficking

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Authorities in Liberia have alleged a nephew of President Julius Maada Bio has been arrested due to drug trafficking.

  Sierra Leone has declared a Public Health Emergency on an addictive drug called Kush.

 Information reaching We Yone has suggested authorities in Liberia have arrested at least two Sierra Leoneans in Liberia concerning the drug trade. The arrest of Sierra Leoneans in Liberia raises more concerns over drug trafficking in the country, an activity which continues to soar in recent years.

The Drugs Enforcement Agency (DEA) in Liberia has confirmed the arrest of two Sierra Leoneans on drug charges, one of whom claims to be a nephew of Sierra Leone President Julius Maada Bio. The arrest has stirred speculation about the involvement of the President’s relatives in illicit activities,’’ according to a local newspaper in Liberia.

Abraham Kromah, the head of LDEA, is reported to have disclosed the arrest during a local radio talk show.

While he didn’t reveal the alleged nephew’s name, he mentioned the individual is currently hospitalized at a local facility, citing illness.

Kromah stressed that the LDEA remains impartial to the suspect’s familial ties and is committed to a comprehensive investigation.

Kromah announced that the two Sierra Leoneans will face drug possession charges in court.

He added that significant quantities of drugs were seized from them, bolstering the case against the duo. The LDEA aims to ensure accountability for their alleged involvement in drug-related activities.

The arrest has resonated in both Sierra Leone and Liberia, sparking concerns about potential drug trafficking networks in the region.

Sierra Leone has yet not commented on the alleged address of President Julius Maada Bio’s nephew.

However, reports suggest the Sierra Leonean leader contacted a Liberian Senator to intervene in the case.

Kromah acknowledged the call from the lawmaker, stating he informed them that the men were detained for violating Liberian laws.

This incident highlights the ongoing battle against drug trafficking and underscores the need for cross-border collaboration.

Both Sierra Leone and Liberia must collaborate to share intelligence, bolster border controls, and strengthen law enforcement to effectively combat drug-related crimes.

As the case develops, the public remains vigilant, awaiting updates on the investigation and legal proceedings. The arrest of the Sierra Leone President’s nephew serves as a reminder that everyone, irrespective of social status or family ties, is accountable under the law for drug-related offenses.

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