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Police officer escapes persecution

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47-year-old former Assistant Superintendent of the Sierra Leone Police, Unisa Conteh, flees his home country for fear of persecution.

Conteh left Sierra Leone’s capital Freetown on the 17th November, 2023 after experiencing a frightening attack by some unknown men, who showed up at his house to search, for what they claimed is weapon.

Unisa and his two daughters and wife were placed under gunpoint by the fully masked individuals who threatened to take his life if he was not loyal to the regime.

Conteh believed he was linked to the November 26th 2023 unrest in Freetown where his former boss, the ex-president Ernest Bai Koroma was indicted for treason.

Denying any wrongdoing, Conteh explained his ordeal in high distress.

Unisa Conteh, said since 2018, when the new regime assumed the mantle of leadership of Sierra Leone, he has been under constant attack within the new hierarchy of the police and the central government.

His previous affiliation with the former president has given him hell in the hands of the regime.

Enlisted into the police force in the year 2000, Conteh served in many capacities in the force both in and outside the city of Freetown.

Notably, Conteh with pin 218337 was elevated to be part of the integrated intelligence service of the police force attached to former President of Sierra Leone, Ernest Bai Koroma at State House.

“Since the new regime took over, I have been an object of attack from the regime, making life very difficult for me and my family,’’ he told We Yone, adding I was just a professional police with no interest in politics.

In order to make things difficult for him, I was transferred to remote villages and I have been targeted for all the unrests that have been happening in the country, he revealed.

Conteh in an interview with We Yone Press said he was a victim of political harassment.

He said, as a police officer, he has been very professional to a point that he was identified by the Sierra Leone government at the time, to serve in a United Nations Peacekeeping Mission in Haiti between the years of 2011-2013.

Conteh fears for his two daughters and wife who were left behind low key in Freetown.

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