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President Bio’s Reckless Spending Amidst Citizens’ Suffering

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By Abdul Bero Kamara (Chief)

The citizens of Sierra Leone are currently facing numerous challenges, and it is evident that President Bio’s actions are exacerbating their suffering.

Despite the pressing need for necessities and human rights to be provided for his people, President Bio’s spending priorities have come under scrutiny.

One of the most glaring examples of this reckless spending is the significant amount of taxpayers’ money being wasted on the President’s unnecessary travels.

These trips, which have reportedly yielded no tangible benefits for the country, have cost the government over $30 million in the past years. This extravagant expenditure stands in stark contrast to the dire situation faced by many Sierra Leoneans who lack access to essential services and resources.

The impact of President Bio’s mismanagement is acutely felt in the city of Freetown, where residents are grappling with frequent blackouts.

The Turkish Karpowership, which has been supplying 50 MW of electricity to the city, has been unable to meet its obligations due to the government’s outstanding debt of $40 million. This failure to address the energy needs of the population underscores the misplaced priorities of the administration.

These developments paint a grim picture of a government that has lost its focus and is failing to address the needs of its people. The disconnect between President Bio’s lavish spending habits on fruitless travelling and the widespread suffering of Sierra Leoneans is a cause for concern.

Urgent action must be taken to rectify this situation and prioritize the well-being of the citizens over frivolous expenditures.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, I will continue to fly” President Bio.

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