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APC Parliamentary block to enhance communication….

by Gunther
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By Abu Bakarr Dumbuya

Parliamentary Spokesperson of the All Peoples Congress (APC) Party has confirmed to We Yone the desire of representatives of the party in the House of Parliament to enhance communication with the public.

Hon. Dr.  Unpha Sorie Gbassay Koroma informed We Yone that the initiative is a deliberate effort to get the people informed about the operation of parliament.

He noted the people deserve to know the daily happenings in the governance of the state, saying when the people are empowered with the fact, there will less suspicions, misinformation and disinformation.

He explained that as representatives of the people and party in the House of Parliament, they have sought the blessing of the national secretariat of the party, noting this is a joint venture which will keep the public informed about the myriads of challenges the country is currently facing.

Leader of the APC in the House of Parliament is quoted to have said the APC as a government in waiting is taking the lead to not only enrich public discourse but to also promote deeper understanding of the policy alternatives and governance strategies proposed by APC to save the nation which is on the brinks.

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