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The Editor-in-chief and staff of We Yone Press would first and foremost like to seize this opportunity to express best wishes to the rank and file of APC as 2021 has come to a close and 2022 comes with a bang!

We Yone has been educating the populace as well as informing readers throughout 2021 of the failures of President Bio SLPP-led mis-government; exposing spates of violence, threats and intimidation of SLPP players against opposition politicians as well as ably playing the role of a ‘preacher man’ of APC in sensitizing the rank and file and the general public on the ethics, ideology, philosophy and principles of APC.

We Yone, like right-minded members, supporters and sympathisers of APC are not oblivious of the seeming rift in the Party, however the party has the capacity and resilience to navigate muddy waters.

However, during 2021, APC was able to go into a National Delegates Convention in Makeni wherein a new draft constitution was adopted and endorsed by delegates-thereby giving a ray of hope to the Party.

We Yone is pleased during the entire 2021 and even between 2018-2021, nobody of worth decamped from APC and to join the SLPP.

We Yone is also elated over the fact that throughout 2021, it has been total summation of positive opinions and comments of the APC having the right panacea as pointed out by majority of citizens to address the plethora of socio-economic challenges confronting the nation.

We Yone is not oblivious of the fail mark given by majority of compatriots in 2021 to the Bio-led administration as a result of the government’s display of ineptitude and mis-governance.

We Yone, is therefore optimistic that APC will continue to re-assert itself in the Political landscape as it goes into full gear to reposition itself for take over the reins of governance through the ballot box, come 2023

We Yone is nonetheless disturbed, though not distracted by latest idiotic, disparaging and fake news and reports on social media with the aim of putting the Party into asunder.

We Yone therefore support calls for the rank and file as well as the general public to rely on the official channels of communication and information of APC-the National Secretary General, Acting National Publicity Secretary and the official We Yone Newspaper

We Yone remains optimistic APC will indeed re-assert itself in 2022, while calling for reliance on unified official APC sources of information, communication and dissemination.